Dehcho Framework Agreement

The Dehcho Framework Agreement is a land claim settlement agreement that was signed in 2003 by the Government of Canada, the Dehcho First Nations and the Government of the Northwest Territories. The agreement covers approximately 55,000 square kilometres in the Dehcho region of the Northwest Territories, making it one of the largest land claim agreements in Canada.

Under the Dehcho Framework Agreement, the Dehcho First Nations have the right to co-manage the land and resources in the region with the federal and territorial governments. This includes the right to participate in environmental assessments, manage wildlife, and regulate the use of lands and waters.

The agreement also provides for the transfer of approximately 39,000 square kilometers of land to the Dehcho First Nations, as well as financial compensation and revenue sharing. The Dehcho First Nations also have the right to develop their own government and laws, and to protect their cultural heritage.

The Dehcho Framework Agreement is seen as an important step towards reconciliation and self-determination for the Dehcho First Nations. It is also a model for other land claim settlements across Canada, as it demonstrates the benefits of co-management and the sharing of resources.

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Updated: June 29, 2023 — 11:35 am